February 24, 2024

SDI Profile

Sustainable development recognizes two types of requirements (conditional), namely soft prerequisite and hard prerequisite (Wibowo, 2002). The application of both soft and hard prerequisites should be adjusted to the local condition being faced. A development process often brings about various problems, which eventually results in a very serious policy issue. And therefore, there should be balanced and synergic step among the state, business people and civil activists in order that they could choose an optimum strategic and policy choice.

It is in this context that Dradjad Wibowo Foundation (Yayasan Dradjad Wibowo /YDW) develops a strong commitment to motivate a sustainable development implementation, as materialized in humanitarian activities, including, among others, activities relating to environmental sustainability. In the framework of the said environmental sustainability, the Foundation motivates, develops and implements sustainable development programs, both nationally and globally through the establishment of a non-profit institution that should herein after be referred to as Sustainable Development Indonesia (SDI).