February 24, 2024


In sustainable development, education includes a new vision that tries to empower the community in order that they could be responsible in creating a sustainable future. SDI therefore has an education program whose objective is to develop a critical awareness regarding development and environment, as well as able to help the community to try to materialize a sustainable development. In this case, education and training are expected to bring about human resources who play the role of managers of natural resources and environment, and of facilitators who motivate the participation of the community and of other stakeholders. The education program of SDI is not limited to transfer of knowledge or to environmental education; it is meant to bring about transformation in attitude and a positive life style.

Sustainable development education program includes a variety of themes such as: education for academicians, rural community (fishermen or farmers) and urban community; education related to large projects such as mining and its impact on the community; technical education; protection of water catchments areas; and education about reforestation and environmental health. In addition, SDI also conducts training/workshop/seminar for the community, such as: seminar for construction workers and foreign construction companies, seminar for tourism companies, language training, training on customary law and culture, internet, leadership, work skill, and marketing skill.

The approach used is applicatory, such as demonstrating different agricultural techniques, good development methods, maintenance and improvement of the right technology, alternative energy, recycling, reducing waste and its disposal, as well as storage of rain water.